Patient Story

Cardiac Monitoring Patch Helps Mom's Life Stay on Beat

Lauryn Czar’s Story

Lauryn was diagnosed with an SVT when she was six years old. Over the last 20+ years, she has had a sudden heart rate increase every two to three months, forcing her to drop everything and use techniques taught to her by clinicians to relieve her symptoms. The onset of these episodes would often scare the people around her. As she got older, the frequency and duration of her episodes increased, often causing her to miss out on moments with her family and friends. Having to manage this SVT prevented her from doing what she wanted to on a day-to-day basis.  

Her life was changed after she wore a CAM patch monitor that finally diagnosed this SVT with a specific atrial arrhythmia that was clinically actionable. Her doctor reassured her that the AVRT seen on the report could be treated with an EP study and ablation. Since her ablation in December 2020, she hasn’t had any reoccurrence of episodes. The CAM patch’s actionable diagnostic finding changed her life and ultimately allowed her to live a normal life without worrying about managing ambiguous SVT episodes.1

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CAM is the ONLY cardiac monitoring report that identifies all significant subtypes of atrial arrhythmias (AF, AFL, AT, AVRT, AVNRT, and PAC) instead of just SVT. Why use ECG monitors that still report an unspecific diagnosis of SVT, when a CAM report can give you the actual atrial arrhythmia diagnosis? See a sample report and learn more about the CAM patch. 

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