Bardy Diagnostics Document Center

Download product and service reference documents below. If you have any additional questions about BardyDx hardware or software, review our Frequently Asked Questions for healthcare professionals or patients, or contact us today.

For Healthcare Professionals

Instructions for Use

Detailed CAM instructions and general cautions.

Quick Reference

Quick reference instructions for application.

CAM Application Video

Step-wise video detailing the CAM application process.

Adhesion Tips

Tips for improved adhesion (US Only) 

Specification Sheet

Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM®) product specifications.

For Patients

Patient Video

Video instructions for CAM patch application at home.

Instruction Card

Instructions and cautions while wearing the device.

Important Tips for Optimal CAM Patch Monitoring

Reminders and tips for optimized CAM patch wear.

Patient Quick Start Guide

Comprehensive checklist of instructions for CAM patch application at home.

Patient Diary

Patient Diary document for CAM patch monitor use.


Spanish CAM Patient instructions document.

US-FLC 199-230024 v3.0