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Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAMTM)

The CAM is a single patient use, continuous recording ambulatory ECG monitor that records for up to 7 days.

Indications for Use: The monitor is designed to provide extended duration cardiac monitoring for people who are suspected of having cardiac arrhythmias.

Patient Population: The intended population includes both males and females not weighing less than 10 kg (22 lbs.) who may have cardiac arrhythmias.




Current Procedures Terminology (CPT) codes describe the medical, surgical, and diagnostic services provided to the patient. The following information includes the commonly billed physician codes for cardiac monitoring services/procedures. This is not a comprehensive list of all available codes, and it is possible that there is a more appropriate code for any given service/procedure.

Holter Monitoring (≤48 hrs)

93224 (Global)Electrocardiographic monitoring for 48 hours by continuous original ECG
waveform recording and storage, with visual superimposition scanning;
includes recording, scanning analysis with report, physician review and
93225Recording (includes hook-up, recording, and disconnection)
93226Scanning analysis with report
93227Physician review and interpretation

Extended Cardiac Monitoring (>48 hrs)*

0295T (Global)External electrocardiographic recording for more than 48 hours up to 21 days by continuous rhythm recording and storage; includes recording, scanning analysis with report, review and interpretation
0296TRecording (includes connection)
0297TScanning analysis with report
0298TPhysician review and interpretation

* Category III code reimbursement for the CAM patch varies nationally and is determined locally by the assigned MACs (Medicare Administrative Contractors) for their respective geographic jurisdiction(s).
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