Where can I find the CAM patch instructional documents?

Product documents including Instructions for Use (IFU), Quick Guides, and Patient Diaries can be found in our Document Center.

How do I access my patient CAM reports?

Please use the BDxCONNECT Portal to gain access to CAM reports.

Are there any tests or procedures that should be avoided while patients are wearing the CAM patch?

The CAM patch is not intended for use with MRI equipment and could reduce effectiveness of diagnostic scanning. Remove the CAM patch before any MRI scan.

The CAM patch is not intended for use with other electronic imaging equipment and could reduce the effectiveness of diagnostic imaging. Remove the CAM patch before using electronic imaging systems.

The CAM patch may interfere with defibrillation therapy. Remove the CAM patch before applying any external cardiac defibrillators.

If you have questions on other tests or procedures while a patient is wearing the CAM patch, please call Bardy Diagnostics Technical Support.

How do I turn the CAM patch on?

When the Recorder is clicked into the Battrode™, the CAM will automatically activate. Listen for a buzz to confirm activation.

How do I make sure the CAM patch is working correctly?

After you click the Recorder into the Battrode™ listen for the buzz. If you do not hear the buzz, contact Bardy Diagnostics Technical Support. No additional confirmation test of activation is possible with the CAM patch.

Does the CAM need to be recharged?

No, the CAM patch contains an internal battery that will last for the entire patient wear period.

How many ECG channels are recorded by the CAM patch?

The CAM patch is a continuous, single channel recorder. The placement of the CAM patch over the sternum creates an aVF-like lead.

What is the shelf life of the CAM patch?

The CAM patch has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

What type of adhesive is used to manufacture the CAM patch?

The adhesive is classified as a medical grade skin adhesive.

Can the CAM patch be reused?

No. The CAM patch is a single-use disposable device. Do not attempt to reuse.