What types of activities should be avoided while wearing the CAM patch?

You may resume all your regular daily activities, with the exception of activities such as swimming that could result in the CAM patch being fully submerged in water. Activities like hot yoga or sauna that may result in excessive perspiration should also be avoided.

How do I bathe while wearing the CAM patch?

You may shower while wearing the CAM patch. Try to keep the showers short and keep soap and direct spray of water away from the CAM patch. Baths in which the CAM patch could be fully-submerged should be avoided. Avoid bathing for 3 hours after the monitor is applied.

Can I wear the CAM patch while exercising?

Yes, you may resume regular exercise activities, as long as they are cleared by your doctor. Check in with your doctor if you plan to make changes to your exercise program while wearing the CAM patch. You may not participate in any swimming or water sports where the CAM patch is submerged in water. Avoid exercise for 3 hours after the monitor is applied.

Can I wear the CAM patch while traveling?

Yes, it is appropriate to wear the CAM patch while traveling. Travel with a copy of the Patient Diary, which contains a Security Screening Statement that can be presented to airport security authorities upon request.

How long do I need to wear the CAM patch?

Your doctor will provide instructions on how long the CAM patch needs to be worn.

How do I return the CAM patch?

Your doctor or doctor’s office will provide instructions on return of the CAM patch. It is important to return your CAM patch as soon as your monitoring period is finished. Please call your doctor’s office if you have any questions on return.

Do I need to recharge the CAM patch?

No, the CAM patch contains an internal battery that will last for the entire wear period.

Can I wear my bra while wearing the CAM patch?

Yes, the center of the connector of the bra should be over the narrow portion of the CAM patch. It is best to avoid wearing underwire bras while wearing the CAM patch. Avoid wearing necklaces that contact the CAM patch.

How do I remove the CAM patch?

When the wear period is complete, gently press your fingers against the skin, and using either tab end of the patch adhesive, slowly peel the CAM patch away from the skin. Wipe the skin and CAM patch with provided PDI® Electrode Prep Pads.

The CAM patch is starting to separate, what should I do?

Slight peeling on the edges of the CAM patch is normal and nothing to worry about. If one end of the CAM patch has peeled completely away from the skin, apply medical tape over the patch. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact your doctor.

The CAM patch has fallen off.

Please call your doctor.

I am experiencing itching or irritation.

It is normal to experience mild itching while wearing the CAM patch; however, if you experience severe itching, irritation or develop hives or blisters on the skin please contact your doctor.

What is the button used for? When do I push it?

Press the button once when you experience a symptom. Make sure to write down and record the day, time and symptom in the patient diary. Do not press the button more than once when experiencing a symptom. If you forget to push the button when experiencing a symptom, it’s okay; the CAM patch is continuously recording activity.

I’ve lost my diary, what should I do?

Call your doctor’s office for instructions.

What if I don’t experience any symptoms?

It’s okay, the CAM patch will continuously record heart activity during your period of wear.

How can I confirm the CAM patch is working?

When the device was applied, the healthcare professional made certain the device was recording properly.

Who can I call if I have questions about the CAM patch?

Please contact your doctor if you have questions or concerns related to your health. Always call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency.