ACC.21 5/15-5/17

Precision Heart Monitoring Made Simple

Elevating the cardiac standard of care with ECG technologies designed with you and your patients in mind.

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Make clinically-actionable decisions with our award-winning technology

High-precision AF detection

With the CAM, you will be able to definitively diagnose AF among the broad realm of other SVTs.1

Designed for active kids

The CAM patch’s sleek design provides patients with increased comfort and optimizes signal capture for clear results.

Workflow simplification

Improve workflow efficiency to accelerate patient care and increase staff satisfaction with the BardyDx EHR Integration.

Remote heart monitoring

Provide your patients with continuous care from the comfort of their homes with our Mail-to-Patient program during COVID-19.

Transform your practice and patient experience

Clinical Evidence

More diagnosed arrhythmias lead to greater clinical decision making. Read how the CAM stacks up against other monitoring devices.

Reimbursement Code Guide

Learn everything you need to know to integrate the CAM patch into your practice with this ICD-10 and CPT code guide.

About the CAM

Get industry-leading diagnostic accuracy and ECG clarity with the CAM patch’s unique P-wave technology.

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1. Rho R., et al. “Comparison of 2 Ambulatory Patch ECG Monitors: The Benefit of the P-Wave and Signal Clarity.” American Heart Journal, Volume 203, September 2018.

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