For Patients

The CAM Patch is now conveniently available for application at home. For helpful information on how to use the CAM patch, visit our patient page for video instructions, quick start guide, and frequently asked questions.


CAM: The first P-wave centric ECG Patch Monitor

Developed on the principle that non-invasive cardiac monitoring should provide an excellent quality atrial signal, the CAM is designed to be placed along the sternum–over the heart–to optimize P-wave signal capture. The result is improved ECG resolution, providing more information about the heart rhythm which may lead to more clinically actionable diagnoses.

Elevate your perspective on ambulatory ECG monitoring

CAM is supported by BDxCONNECT, a versatile patient management portal that adapts to meet the unique needs of your practice or institution. Upload patient data to the cloud and perform your own scanning and analysis using a secure, web-based ECG analysis module or rely on our expert ECG technicians to deliver reports.

The leader in enhanced P-wave detection

Superior P-wave resolution aids the physician in diagnosis of specific arrhythmia and improves clinical decision making.


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