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Carnation P-wave focused ECG monitoring™

Carnation Ambulatory monitor (CAM)™

Actual size is 7” (long), 1 1/2” (at widest point) and 3/8” (deep).
Device weight: 18g

CAM™ is the first P-wave centric ECG monitor™ – a single patient use monitor that records continuously for up to 7 days. This focus on the P-wave is a major new tool for cardiologists and cardiac rhythm specialists for accurately diagnosing arrhythmias.

Comfortable and Convenient

  • Bandage size; discreet, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Can be worn during exercise, sleep, or while showering
  • Comfortable for extended wear for men and women (7 days) – For women, unique, narrow, hourglass shape discreetly positioned between breasts
  • CAM report emailed to physician, focuses on actionable events

Why Monitor your Heart Rhythm?

Cardiac rhythm disorders can be responsible for uncomfortable sensations in the chest (palpitations), light-headedness, dizziness, loss of consciousness (syncope), difficult breathing, limited exercise capacity, chest pain and cardiac arrest. Moreover, one common heart rhythm disorder, atrial fibrillation, is often unrecognized yet is known to increase the risk of stroke and dementia even when intermittent. Longer, continuous ECG monitoring during normal activities can help your doctor determine if you have an arrhythmia and what kind.

What is Carnation?

The Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (or CAM) is a new, state-of-the-art heart monitor designed to be worn comfortably and discretely by both men and women. The Carnation is placed in the center of your chest, directly over your heart for the best ECG signal collection. It’s state-of-the-art electronics allow recording of the small signals that come from the upper heart chambers needed for optimal diagnosis by your doctor.

How to Use

  • After your doctor or nurse has placed the Carnation heart monitor on your chest, you need to wear it uninterrupted for the time your doctor/nurse instructs you. On some occasions, you will be asked to wear it for one to two days and, on others, up to seven days.
  • You can exercise and shower while wearing the Carnation but you should not swim while wearing Carnation. While showering, try to limit the stream of water from direct, prolonged flow onto the CAM.
  • If you are not feeling well you can push the button on the Carnation and record your symptoms in the Patient Diary Booklet.
  • After the monitoring period you merely remove the patch and return it to be analyzed by your doctor.
  • Please download and read Application Instructions for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear the BardyDx Carnation monitor to work?

Yes, the small and light design of the monitor allows you to continue all normal activities, with the exception of taking a bath/swim (shower is ok). The slim design will minimize anyone even being aware of you wearing a monitor.

Can I wear the monitor while working out?

Yes, the small lightweight design allows you to continue all normal activities (with the exception of taking a bath/swim – shower is ok).

Can I shower while wearing the monitor?

Yes you can shower while wearing the monitor. You cannot submerge the monitor so you can’t take a bath or swim/hot tub while wearing the monitor. Please keep showers short and keep soap and lotions away from the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor.

Can I swim while wearing the monitor?

No, you can’t submerge the monitor. So, you can’t take a bath or swim/ hot tub while wearing the monitor.

How long do I need to wear the monitor?

The monitor is designed to be worn for up to 7 days. You need to speak with your physician to fund out how long your doctor would like you to wear it.

Can I wear my Carnation Monitor while traveling?

Yes, the small and lightweight design allows for normal travel including a TSA check. Included with the monitor is a Patient Diary allowing you to identify yourself to a TSA person as wearing a medical monitor. Please download a copy of the 48 Hr Patient Diary or 7 Day Patient Diary if you need one.

How do I return the monitor?

You need to contact your physician or physician office to find out how to best return the monitor at the end of the monitoring period.

Do I need to re-charge the monitor?

The sophisticated low energy circuitry in your monitor comes with a battery that allows the monitor to function for up to 7 days.

Can I wear my bra while wearing the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor?

The unique hourglass-shape monitor can be comfortably worn by women which includes wearing a bra. The center connector of the bra should be over the narrow portion of the Carnation.

Can I wear normal clothes while wearing the monitor?

Yes, the small, lightweight hour-glass design allows for comfortable wear with normal clothes.

How do I remove the monitor?

When the monitoring period has been completed you can safely remove the monitor. Press your fingers against the skin and slowly peel off the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor while wiping the skin and the device with the Pad to remove adhesive. Please download the 48 Hr Patient Diary or 7 Day Patient Diary with detailed instructions.

Is it ok if the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor peels a little on the sides?

Yes, slight peeling on the edges of the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor is normal and nothing to worry about.

Is it ok if the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor moves sideways or downward on the skin?

Yes, some movement of the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor on the skin is normal and nothing to worry about.

I experience some itching.

It is normal to experience some itching. When itching is severe or hives or blisters develop please contact your doctor.

The Carnation Ambulatory Monitor has fallen off.

Please call your doctor.

I am experiencing severe itching or irritation.

When itching is severe or hives or blisters develop please contact your doctor.

What do I do when I feel a symptom?

Press the button on the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor and write down the symptoms in the Patient Diary you should have received from your doctor.

What does the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor do?

The monitor continuously monitors and records (up to 7 days) your heart signals.

What if I forget to press the button when I feel a symptom?

It is important to push the button when you feel symptoms and note them in your diary. Independent of the button presses the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor will record all signals non-stop for up to 7 days.

What if I don’t have symptoms?

Don’t worry the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor will record all cardiac signals non-stop for up to 7 days.

How do I know the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor is working?

When your doctor applied the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor on your chest they confirmed that the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor is working properly. The monitor doesn’t make a noise or light to let you know its working properly.

Who do I call when I have questions about the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor?

For product-related questions please call 1-844-422-7393.

Bardy Diagnostics, Inc.

The company under Dr. Bardy’s expert medical and industry leadership set out to completely redesign an arrhythmia monitor. The objective was to design a sensor that was placed as close as possible to the atria for optimal signal detection and away from muscle noise. The company developed new, state-of-the-art sensor electronics allowing for an ultra low noise floor designed for optimal P-wave detection.

The Carnation ambulatory monitor encompasses all design criteria and allows for unique P-Wave focused ECG monitoring™ and analysis while easy to use for both men and women. The company provides clinicians an executive review report focused on actionable events rather than endless data. Its single use, off-the-shelf and stick-on design allows for optimal office economics and gives the physician full control of data and billing.

P-Wave Technology

Carnation’s unique patented P-Wave centric detection is the result of combining the sensor’s placement on top of the atria over the sternum, away from noisy muscle stimulation, together with extremely low noise electronic circuit design.  The optimal P-Wave sensing is not merely a result of software algorithms, instead it is an integrated and scalable architecture that is designed to optimize visualization of the P-Wave as well as the equally important ventricular signal, the R-Wave.

Actual ECG report from Bardy Diagnostics

Why Carnation?

The BardyDx Carnation is a new, novel patented arrhythmia monitor.  Its small size and light weight make it a preferred choice for long term monitoring (up to seven days).  Its unique shape makes it a preferred comfortable choice not only for men but especially for women. Its single use, stick-on design provides reliable long term data and simple office management.  The Carnation report will be emailed to the physician.  It is focused on actionable events not just pages of data.  Its flat-fee design gives you control of your patient’s data and billing.