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AI for AF Detection

Learn why atrial signal clarity is critical if artificial intelligence (AI) is to be used to distinguish Atrial Fibrillation (AF) from rhythms that mimic AF.

Pediatric Diagnostic Accuracy

Learn why a P-wave centric Holter monitor is helpful in providing accurate diagnostics tracings even in infants and small children, aiding in their clinical management.

What’s your diagnosis?

Join our case challenge and name an uncommon arrhythmia that our CAM patch monitor identified to help save a patient’s life.

When is a patch monitor just a patch or something more?

There’s a lot more to it than placement and adhesives. Learn about the innovation behind the CAM patch with Dr. Gust Bardy.

Online Educational Series

Webinar Series

We’ll be offering educational webinars from Dr. Gust Bardy focusing on eye-opening industry topics, trends, and product discussions.

Customer Series

We’ll be launching exclusive customer-only online series that focus on clinical case studies, report walkthroughs, and R-R plot deep dive sessions.

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