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Mail-to-patient services are now available for your patients to apply the
CAM patch at home.

An accurate diagnosis starts with an accurate ECG tracing.  The Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM™) is a lightweight, extended-wear cardiac patch monitor that delivers unparalleled clarity, convenience, and comfort.

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The future of arrhythmia diagnostics at home

The CAM Patch is now conveniently available for application at home. For helpful information on how to use the CAM patch, visit our patient page for video instructions, quick start guide, and frequently asked questions.

CAM Patch

The first P-wave centric ECG patch monitor

Developed on the principle that ambulatory cardiac monitoring should provide an excellent quality atrial signal, the CAM is designed to optimize P-wave signal capture.


Elevate your perspective on ambulatory ECG monitoring

A patient management portal that adapts to meet the unique needs of your practice or institution. Upload patient data to the cloud and perform your own scanning and analysis or through our expert ECG technicians.

CAM Report

Proprietary report format for optimal diagnostic yield

The unique multiple field views provide immediate clarity on actionable diagnosis. The CAM report also provides clear and concise full disclosure for quick and in-depth interpretations.

Clinically actionable data for informed decisions and prioritization of care

CAM vs Holter Clinical Study

The CAM patch yielded 4 times more clinically significant information than the Holter that either altered patient management and/or prevented the need for intervention as indicated by the Holter¹. 

CAM vs Zio Clinical Study

Based on physician reviewer interpretations of each CAM and Zio XT report, a different, more informed clinical decision would have been made in 12 of 29 (41%) patients based on the CAM ECG report².

¹ Smith WM., et al. Comparison of diagnostic value using a small, single channel, P-wave centric sternal ECG monitoring patch with a standard 3-lead Holter system over 24 hours. American Heart Journal. March 2017.

² Rho R., et al. Comparison of two ambulatory patch ECG monitors: The benefit of the P- wave and signal clarity. American Heart Journal. Manuscript Accepted Online. March 2018.

Developed by a Physician with Physicians in Mind

The story of our founding is a personal one. Inspired by the medical challenges faced by Lorene Bardy, the late wife of our founder, electrophysiologist and entrepreneur Gust H. Bardy, M.D., Bardy Diagnostics was founded in 2013 to overcome common challenges in ambulatory cardiac monitoring. With the unique perspective of both physician and husband, Dr. Bardy uses his expertise to develop cardiac monitoring solutions that help physicians obtain more accurate information about actionable events in the hopes of saving lives.