“The simple, yet elegant and informative data presentation format allows quick assessment of the patient.”

– Dr. Gene Trobaugh, Cardiologist (Enumclaw, WA)

BardyDx, Inc was founded to address the long-standing complaint in cardiac arrhythmia monitoring that traditional monitors were large, bulky,
uncomfortable, and typically record noisy QRS signals.
Our goal: to completely redesign an arrhythmia monitor
with optimal signal detection, comfort, and ease of use.


President and Chief Executive Officer

Gust H. Bardy, M.D. is a cardiac electrophysiologist with research interests in cardiac defibrillator technology, cardiac arrest, and atrial fibrillation as they affect the public health. He has been a researcher in the field of sudden death and disabling cardiac rhythm disorders for 35 years. Dr.Bardy has also developed technological solutions to patient rhythm problems with hundreds of patents issued globally, most of which have been incorporated in cardiac rhythm management technologies in use by many medical device companies. His primary goals are to help the patient first, the physician second, and other interests third.


Bardy Diagnostics was founded by Dr. Bardy April 26, 2013 on the principal that non-invasive ECG monitoring should provide an excellent quality atrial signal, or P-wave. (The QRS is easy.) His personal frustration with poor P-wave quality on his own patient’s non-invasive ECG monitors provided the impetus to improve the quality of ECG signals upon which physicians depend for an appropriate diagnosis.